Have Your Short Film Scored & Recorded Live in London! — DEADLINE EXTENDED!

Would you like your latest short to be set to an original orchestral soundtrack recorded by members of the London Symphony Orchestra at the world-famous AIR Studios?

I am a Master’s student at Berklee College of Music, currently pursuing my M.M. in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games. For my graduate thesis, I am seeking to collaborate with a filmmaker on an original short film that needs the professional finishing touch that only a live orchestral score can offer.

Whether your film is currently in production or post-production, or if you had a temp soundtrack on a previous project that you’d like to replace with one composed just for you, then this is your chance to work with a graduate student from one of the best music schools of its kind in the world. Best of all, because of the special nature of this project, there will be no cost to you for any recording, production, or creative fees.

What’s the catch?

1. For this recording project, I can only record a total of 3 minutes of orchestral music. If your film is longer than 3 minutes, or requires more than 3 minutes of music, then the score will have to be completed with samples/virtual instruments, a smaller recorded ensemble, or both.

2. I will be in London for this recording project from May 18-23, 2014. For best results, you can expect final delivery of the soundtrack sometime in June.

I will provide you with a good-quality demo of your score (created using samples) for your approval in May, before we head to the recording stage – and yes, just to get this out of the way up front, it will sound better live. 😉

What’s your pitch?

1. Pitch me your film! Tell me the plot, genre, duration, whether it is live-action or animation, etc.

2. Tell me why your film needs a 50-piece professional studio orchestra to record its soundtrack.

3. Anticipated date of picture lock (as applicable).

4. Your film’s delivery deadline.

5. Your plans for the film (festivals, distribution, etc.).

If you would like to have something in common with some of the biggest names in Hollywood – a professionally-produced score recorded at AIR Studios in London – please contact me with your proposal before April 15, 2014.

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