A selection of tracks from my work in film and other media

Staccato Sampler

Only have a few moments? Treat yourself to a tasting menu of bite-sized excerpts.

End Credits

As a screen composer and a member of a film’s narrative team, I appreciate the opportunity to cap off a viewer’s experience with one last musical impression, whether that is to effectively summarize the film or to provide an emotional catharsis.

This set, rolled out initially as an end-of-year special for 2016, features a collection of end credits cues from films scored from 2015 onwards.

Brawlstar Legends

This set features the soundtrack to Brawlstar Legends, a 2v2 mobile MOBA developed by Gazia Games.

NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop 2015

Cow Bros: The Final Throwdown

This set features the soundtrack to an indie video game that was produced by Dotly Studios at TOJam 10.

Anime North

Berklee Valencia — Dramatic Scoring

Berklee Valencia — Dramatic Orchestration

Berklee Valencia — Video Game Scoring

Berklee Valencia — Dramatic Electronic Composition

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