Quick update

Just a few quick notes as we head into the All Saints’ Day weekend.

1. I am currently in Barcelona for the XIXe Salón del Manga. After all of my experiences working at conventions, it feels weird being on the attendee side of one. Today featured a two-hour wait to get into the convention — and that was in the evening, after the convention had already been open for several hours! I’m looking forward to making an earlier start and enjoying more of the convention programming tomorrow. I will return to Valencia on Sunday evening.

2. I am participating in the Movember campaign this year to raise awareness for men’s health issues. I’ve shaved off what has become my signature goatee and have pledged to make the commitment to grow naught but a moustache for the month (interestingly, I look more like my professional headshot now than I have since July of 2012). In any case, I need your help, faithful readers. Donate what you can or join the cause so together we can change the face of men’s health. Fight the good fight.

Donations are being accepted through my MoSpace at http://mobro.co/federmusik

3. Here is my latest recording, composed for our Dramatic Orchestration course:

4. Looking ahead, I have been informed that I will be scheduled for five recordings over the next seven weeks for both my courses in Advanced Scoring and Dramatic Orchestration (on top of my work for three others). I will attempt to blog when I can, but as usual, I can make no promises of regular updates.

¡Hasta luego!

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